Saturday, December 21, 2019

A Brief Note On Police Double Standard And The Media

I am writing my paper on police double standard. It came to my attention that when police are in the media, they are portrayed as the bad guy. I asked myself if that is the case, or is that the media perception. The police are in a position to protect and serve the community. The community should feel nothing but security and trust towards a police officer right? I am also aware that the media can also mislead and also contribute to the community feeling negative towards the cops. Very rarely do you see a cop doing an act of kindness, and that footage blowing up in the media. I am writing about double standard, depending in the cops of course, will single out blacks and Hispanics, according to numerous media footage. Also you hear of†¦show more content†¦In 1985, we had the first women chief of police. And in 2000, compromised 13 percent of all officers. ( The dates were cited to show the progress that women have accomplished through the eras. It has been a rocky road for our colleagues. Regardless of our accomplishments we only make a small percentage of the police department. The reasons are not written but rather just carried throughout the years. Many women have to excel higher than male counterparts just to be considered good enough. In Riverside County, there is an effort to hire more women and a very small part make it through. Mostly in the fitness test, fail. Women that are hired, are inevitably resented by their male colleagues and many are harassed. In the workforce, women encounter what is called a â€Å"glass ceiling†, which is a term to identify what many women feel oppressed to go for a higher position, as they dread their male counterparts opinions. Women have always had obstacles and I feel that it’s a shame, because women can be a great attribute. In my opinion women are less likely to use excessive force, last longer and will in the long run invest more with the community because they are more prone to listen. Minorities Minorities are also prone to the double standard. In 2008, blacks were more likely than white and Hispanics to experience use of force. An estimated 84% who experienced use of force reported that the police acted

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