Thursday, February 27, 2020

Data Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Data Analysis - Essay Example The author presents the debate on NAFTA such that an observer or reader is capable of understanding the origin of the agreement. The author offers appropriate evidence of his discussions by providing the committee meetings dates and the results of the meetings concerning the matter of trade agreement. The author mentions the persons involved in the meetings, and quoting their words where necessary to enhance conveyance of data to the reader in an appropriate manner. Utilization of this technique by the author forms a basis of a good argument and data appropriateness3. The author supports his argument on the issue of Mexican economic expansion by drawing literature from the comments of a senator. He does this by quoting the words of the senator in order to draw attention to the reader and makes his points relevant and factual. The author uses tables as references for information that he conveys. Use of tables in analyses forms a fundamental part of an analysis because the tables draw the relevance of information presented. The reader of the article can seek to understand the information presented by viewing the tables and the data contained in them. The part on the economic model deals with the author’s explanation of congressional voting and it result on the US policy4. The author presents information and acknowledges other authors in which he finds information to make his argument succinct. The use variables in the analyses intend to identify various parameters used in indicating patterns for voting. The empirical model presented in the article intends to analyze the votes cast various individuals on NAFTA. The author utilizes best methods to provide required measures and analysis of the process. The measures in use include those of GAINERS plus LOOSERS represented by equations which are not evident in

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